Study in UK

United Kingdom is famous not only for the biggest Empire in the history they had and for having towns with huge castles, it is the second most popular study destination for the international students from all around the world. The overall atmosphere of the UK is very warm and welcoming to the everyone, and as the country values diversity being an international student in the UK will not be much of a problem as you will be able to enjoy your individual freedom.

Why Study in UK?

Graduating from a reputable institution isn’t the only advantage of studying in the UK but also other significant factors that shape you are a professional. UK colleges foster creativity and a challenging environment that helps push students to their best.Being a graduate is great, but also being able to achieve creative excellence, extensive knowledge from the experts, and a real-life working environment is more than essential. This is why you need to choose the UK for higher studies. The UK has a long-standing tradition of providing quality education. Most students from South Asia traveled miles to study in the UK; today, it attracts students from all parts of the world. The audits by Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) ensures standards and quality are maintained.

  • How much will it cost?

    Your expenditure on tuition fee depends on the type of qualification and university or school you opt for. There are many high-ranking universities and colleges in the UK with their own fee structures. Further, the fee also depends on where in the UK you choose to study (there are different rules for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales), and your study level. Most commonly humanities, arts, and education courses are cheaper, while subjects such as medicine and engineering are likely to be more expensive. If you wish to study at the postgraduate level, the tuition fees are typically higher and the costs vary depending on the program. As with most other countries, MBA programs are often the most expensive.

  • Eduaction System in Australia

    United Kingdom is made up of four countries England, Wales, Scotland as well as Northern Ireland. And each country of UK has separate system under separate government. The eduation system is mainly divided into four parts that includes primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education. There is compulsory education system in UK from age 5 up to 17 years. Primary education starts in year 1 where the students are of age between 5 and 7. And at the end of year 11 all the students take exam known as GCSE.After the secondary education is complete and if the student wants to study in a college or a university then it is very important for them to take further education in UK. In further education there are A-Levels, GNVQ’s, BTEC’s or other such qualifications. As for higher education, the undergradute degree takes 3 years to complete in most institutions but in Scotland it takes 4 years to complete the degree. The four year course which is also known as “sandwich course” is recently getting more popular, where the student will have to work for a year (usually in third year).Graduate and masters program are usually shorter depending on the course. But courses such as medicine, law can be up to 5 years according to the requirement of the course.

  • Scholarship

    Universities and schools offer a range of scholarships options in the UK including bursaries and grants to international students. The bursaries that are provided by the institutions are generally based on merit scores of the students. The value differs as per providers and also depends on the academic achievement of the students.